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Jordan & Lady

Jordan and her sweet mare have done many incredible things together on their journey throughout the years, the connection began as soon as Jordan had Lady on a trial period before purchase in 2011. Lady, with her spicy and calm temperament taught Jordan many things in the first year together, English and Western, with the occasional turf!

Showmanship was their jam; Lady having some training it showmanship made Jordan a more confident horsewoman and rider. Together they learned show jumping, which is what they pursued as Lady seemed to take a liking to it.

Over the years, they both had their turns with lameness: Lady had a suspensory injury and Jordan broke her back, of course never at the same time! This pair has always taken care of each other no matter the circumstance.

They learned, experienced and have had a lot of fun growing up and living life together. Lady has been the greatest adventure for Jordan, and she is grateful to have had all these years together ❤️


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